Deal Pakistan And China Similarly: Omar To Centre


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The union government should give a clear cut message to China on intrusion, Omar Abdullah said Wednesday that such kind of situations have always put the people, living in frontier areas, under difficulties besides hampering the process of development. “We would like the Central government to take up this issue with both China and Pakistan strongly and on same terms so that no such incident takes place in future”, he said.

While addressing public meetings in remotest areas of Bani, Lohai-Malhar and Dugain some 300 kilometres from Jammu in Kathua district, the Chief Minister has said that people of Jammu, Kashmir, Leh, Kargil and all other areas of the state have given sacrifices to protect and preserve the solidarity, harmony and brotherhood. “They want to be free from such intrusions and live in an atmosphere of calm and peace and carry on day-to-day life activities smoothly and without any interference”, he asserted.

As per a statement Omar Abdullah has said that the state has witnessed militancy during a long period of over 20 years and suffered a lot both in respect of loosing precious human lives and by way of huge damage to infrastructure and economy. He has said that gun has given deep wounds and has added difficulties in every sphere of life. “Now we are on the process of restoring peace and tranquillity and a beam of light is in sight at the end of the dark tunnel”, he has said while elaborating that the government wants to percolate the benefits of peace holistically and equitably all across the state.

The Chief Minister has lauded the people of these areas for keeping the torch of communal harmony and brotherhood lighting even under difficult circumstances. He asked them to maintain and strengthen this characteristic and not to get astray by vested interests who try to divide them on region, religion, creed or caste for selfish ends.

Without naming PDP and BJP, Omar Abdullah who is also the Working President of National Conference has said that certain politicians despite receiving votes from people to highlight public issues in the Legislature instead indulge in boycott-business for political gimmick. He also said voters send them to the Houses to take part in the proceedings and ventilate public problems, seek redressal of difficulties and be instrumental in the development process, but they love to do politics by remaining absent from the right forums.

On the initiatives his government has taken to check the corruption, ensure transparency, empower general people and bring government under public scanner, the Chief Minister referred to the historic Public Service Guarantee Act and said that by this legislation his government has made administration legally bound to provide some 70 public services to the people in a time bound manner adding that any failure or delay on this count would make erring officials liable for punishment and fine which shall be deducted from his salary and a part of it paid to the affected consumer. “This has brought topsy-turvy in the system. Now instead of you paying bribe to get the public services like electricity connection, tap connection, ration card, driving license, revenue papers, FIR copy, antecedence, passport clearance, house building permission and scores of similar other services, the officials involved in delaying or denying such services within the prescribed time frame have to pay fine out of their salaries which shall be given to the affected consumer”, he explained.

The Chief Minister has also referred to the empowerment of Panchayats and said that these institutions have already been given powers from 14 departments and the need of the hour is that panches and sarpanches utilize these powers in full and help cultivate good governance at the grass roots. He said panches and sarpanches should not only stick to financial powers alone but exercise the powers they have been given to check the functioning of primary schools, anganwari centres, CAPD ration depots and other similar activities having direct impact on the life of people.

Omar Abdullah has said that his government has given full powers to general public to question all government departments about their performance and functions. “A common man has been entrusted with the power to question the government on its every action or commission under the Right to Information Act and get answers to his quires”, he said adding that by this initiative entire government has been brought under full public scanner.

On development of remote and far-flung areas, the Chief Minister said that regular visit to these areas by the political leadership and administrative heads has been made essential. He said right from the time he took over as Chief Minister of the state, he has himself made such visits to far-flung and remote areas as the necessary feature in his working schedule and visit to Lohai-Malhar, Dugian and Bani like backward pockets today, is a part of his this schedule. He said it gives him an opportunity to take first hand appraisal of the difficulties of people and helps to take decisions for the redressal of problems.

Speaking on the demands presented by the people through ‘Spasnamas’ (written welcome notes), the Chief Minister has announced that the demand for and PDD and PWD sub divisions in Bani, creation of blocks at Lohai-Malhar and Dugian, upgrading the infrastructure of government school at Lohai would be given top priority. He said the issue of construction of Chatter Gala Tunnel would be taken up with the Central government. He said the issue of declaring Bani Constituency as Bad-pocket area will be recommend to the Backward Classes Commission.

Omar Abdullah has assured the people that the development process started in rural and backward areas would be carried forward with accelerated pace. He said that the initiative of linking inaccessible areas with main highways and roads is already under focus to generate economic activities in these areas and help holistic development.


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