Death of newborn baby: family stages protest against JVC hospital authorities


A family from Shahgund area of district Baramullah on Friday staged a protest demonstration at press enclave, Srinagar alleging the authorities at JVC hospital Srinagar of killing their child while performing medical procedures.

According to the family, the three months old infant, Junaid Mushtaq was suffering from a respiratory problem and was admitted in the hospital on February 2, and died on Feb 15, due to the medical negligence by doctors.

“Junaid showed some positive signs of recovery and the doctors were planning to discharge him, but he was given an injection at around 11:50 and then he died at 2: am on the same night,” alleges Asif Parray, a relative of an infant.

“Even after asking the cause of the death of an infant time and again hospital authorities hardly bothered to our pleas,” Parry added.

Family of an infant protesting at press colony, Srinagar, KL photo by Bilal Bahadur

Syma Begum, mother of an infant alleged that her baby died due to medical negligence and has sought a stern action against the hospital authorities, “the doctors present inside the ward gave an injection to my son including four other infants, out of which one was referred to SKIMS, adding that, soon after the injection Junaid vomited and doctors declared his death.”

However when Kashmir Life contacted to Medical Superintendent SKIMS Bemina, Dr Shafa Deva, she said that “We have no information about any such complaint as the family has not approached us yet and we assure you the proper investigation”.

Meanwhile, a police official from Bemina, Srinagar Police post said that no case has been registered in this regard.


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