‘Death Threats’ to Geelani: ‘GoI will be Directly Responsible for Any Unpleasant Episode’



Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

Strongly condemning ‘death threat’ to All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson Syed Ali Geelani by a notorious gangster and underworld don, Ravi Pujari, the Hurriyat amalgam Saturday said that “intolerance in India is rising day by day.

“Whether it is Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh or Ravi Pujari like uncivilized criminal, in short the intolerance in India is rising day by day and the lives, property and the honour of minorities particularly Muslims in this country are facing an acute threat,” a statement issued by Hurriyat Conference (g) said this evening. “However,” the statement asserted, “Geelani is not the person who will fear the spineless threats of Pujari like people and he will continue to pursue the Kashmir cause in future like he is doing from past 50 years and for which 18 murderous assaults had been made on him so far.”

“A gangster named Ravi Pujari called on landline number of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat head office at Hyderpora around 08:45 PM on Friday and spoke in an uncivilized and abusive language,” the statement said, “the underworld don then himself confirmed the threat call on a private news channel of India and publically threatened to kill Geelani.” “No power in the world can harm Geelani till he is protected by Almighty Allah and despite all these threats, he will continue to pursue his stand and he will continue his struggle for the liberation of Kashmir from Indian occupation.”

The Hurriyat statement further said, “issuing threat statements on a TV channel by some underground gangster raises many queries and questions and it clearly indicates that he have some way got the sponsorship of Indian government and the communal forces of this country and his sudden intervention in the Kashmir issue is not meaningless.”

“Ravi Pujari is a third-grade uncivilized goon and his threat to kill anybody is not any extraordinary or surprising issue but the matter of concern is the rising intolerance in India who is claiming to be the democratic country of the world and the deep concern is that everybody from ‘minister to peons, from defence minister to home minister’ in this country have started to speak in the same language in which the Ravi Pujari like people are talking,” the statement said, “the few non-violent slogans by the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) shook the entire India and from Rajnath Singh to Simriti Irani, everybody is issuing threats to the poor students of an educational institution. This situation has rung an alarm bell across the minorities and lower caste Hindus and they strongly feel unsafe in this country.”

“Although Geelani has not taken the threat of Ravi Pujari seriously and he terms it a childish act but the Indian government will be directly responsible for any unpleasant episode with him and they will be answerable for that,” the statement said. “Hurriyat Conference is planning to consult legal experts with regarding to the threatening of Geelani.”


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