KEA-K Supported Group asks Separatists to Find Alternative to Shutdowns



“Kashmir Reform Group”, a little known group of students and businessman Saturday held a rally in Srinagar’s Press Enclave seeking an “alternate” to precede the on-going “freedom struggle” in Kashmir.

Kashmir Reform Group (KRG) members assembled at press colony and silently held banners displaying: ‘We want an alternate to precede the on-going freedom movement’.

The group was supported by a faction of Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) led by Muhammad Yasin Khan.

While talking to KNS, Khurram Qadir, President of the group said that frequent shutdown and stone pelting is hampering the educational career of the students. “Kashmiri leadership should find an alternate to pressurize India for achieving the goal,” he said.

Khurram said that Shutdowns and stone pelting have “shattered” Kashmiris economy. “Economy is that part of humans that makes worst enemies’ friend’s biggest example being the recent gas pipeline deal between India and Pakistan and involving other countries as well,” he said.

He said that over a period of time it has been realized that shutdowns and stone pelting has not been a great way of achieving of our goals. “If the goal is to keep the sentiment alive and not the actual realization of it then it surely makes sense. If Hartal and stone pelting would bring resolution then Kashmir would have achieved it in 2008 and 2010,” he said.

He said that despite achieving the goal, people here have started losing faith in this system as it has produced no results, the trend of Hartal and following of it has gone majorly down. “We need to accept the realty. Strike calls used to be implemented and followed all over the state but now it has restricted itself to the area of mishap. Are we waiting for another 10 years to realize that this doesn’t work?” Khurram questioned.

“Strikes only lead to draining of our wealth and make the institutions like banks stronger. Work stops but not the instalments,” he said.


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