Decisions Taken At Huriyat (M) Meet Not Ours: Khan

KL Report


Rejecting any solution to the Kashmir problem that would be synonymous to ‘status’ quo and other than ‘Independence’, Separatist leader and National front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan Friday said that he was not invited by the Huriyat leadership during  its recently held meet of general and executive council.

Khan while talking to KNS said that he is not in contact with the Huriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz  Umar Farooq from the last one and a half years and that the his party does not subscribe the decisions that were  recently taken at the Huriyat meet.

Khan who earlier was the member of the general council of Huriyat Conference said: “I have not been invited to attend the recently held meet hence the decisions during the meet are not ours and we cannot subscribe the views that evolved.”

When asked the reason of the separation from Huriyat (M), Khan said that he is not in the ongoing Kashmir struggle due to the Huriyat but had only helped the amalgam at certain times. “I am associated with the struggle since my Childhood, sometimes I have been with Islamic students league, Peoples’ league and sometimes at other platforms but my identity cannot be described that I was with the Huriyat. I was the freedom fighter even before Huriyat was established.”

“It is better to ask Mirwaiz Umar farooq that why Nayeem Khan is not going to Huriyat office. Mirwaiz should spell out who is with him and who is not with him.” said Khan while adding that at appropriate time he will reveal the reasons of differences that he has with the Huriyat (M)

Khan further stated that the ‘status qou’ or any other option other than ‘Azaadi’ is not the solution of Kashmir issue and will not be accepted by the Kashmir’s leadership. “The people who want Kashmir issue to get resolved without having any ambiguity will find us with them always and we want this movement to go forward without ambiguity.”


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