Pensioners ‘Made To Work’ As Peons At Khaniyar Treasury Office

KL Report


The state government pensioners Friday complained that the treasury departments have taken them for a ‘ride’, making them to wander from one section to the other for the purpose of ‘physical’ verification.

The reports received by Kashmir News Service (KNS) mentioned that the treasury office at Khaniyar is getting the work of peons from pensioners who visit the office to get their verifications done so that their respective pensions could be disbursed at the earliest.

One pensioner namely Ghulam Ahmad while narrating his tale said:” When I take the file of my pension from bank to the treasury office, the employees there made me to move from one section to other, asking me to get the signature of different officials.” He further stated that the government has issued the order wherein it has been asked to the state pensioners to get their physical verification done from the treasuries where from the pension of the person is being disbursed.

Another pensioner Zamrooda, age 69, says that she had to bear the troubled time while visiting the treasury office. “The officials there made me get the initial signature of some clerk there and then told me to ,go upstairs in the next floor top get the another signature on my file, the official there after signing the file told me to go to the desk where from I at first go the signature.”

Several pensioners while talking to KNS said that they at the old age have been tasked to work like peons in the treasury office and that the officials posted there do not even bother to take our file from on table to another. “We have worked on senior posts and now these officials have undermined our ages and positions. We want to ask them what for are the peons in the treasury office, if we have been tasked to do their work.”

After repeated attempts the treasury official at Khaniyar was not available for the comment over the issue.


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