Declare E-Gov Compulsory, Make J&K Corruption Free, Activists Petition CM



The scree shot of the petition launched by e-governance activists. (Downloaded on April 12, 2016 @ 13:05 PM)
The screen shot of the petition launched by e-governance activists. (Downloaded on April 12, 2016 @ 13:05 PM)

Make Jammu and Kashmir corruption free! As the chief minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti asserted that her government will utilize e-services so that work is completed on-time and corruption is routed out, social and e-governance activists in J&K state have petitioned her office to take immediate steps to implement the laws.

An online petition signed by scores of social and e-governance activists, details that corruption is a common thing now-a days and this nuisance hardly spares anyone. Some call it “chai” and some “mithai”. “Bottom line: the chances of corruption increase more by virtue of contact may it be a single point interaction or a multi-point interaction at various offices. A common man becomes a “bakra” whenever he enters any Government office to get his genuine work done. The movement of his/her file or application halts unless and until he does not spend some hard earned bucks.”

“Jammu and Kashmir State enjoying the special status is the most corrupt in the country. The government employees, holding lucrative posts in the departments where there is abundance of money involvement or where the matters relating to public property are linked with, are minting money brazenly through bribe and sharing the booty with their superiors. India Corruption Study by Transparency International India –confirms a wide gap between perception and actual experience about corruption in public services – irrespective of recent measures to improve service delivery and curb corruption,” the petition mentions.

Appealing CM Mehbooba Mufti to order the implementation of e-governance I all the departments, the petition claims that the implementation will help in, “significantly reducing the chances of direct interaction of common people/citizens with babus and other people in power or at the helm of affairs.”

“The solution lies in making the process of governance smart, transparent, effective and accountable. This can be done by implementing e-governance in all the fields of government/administration,” the petition further read. “Service delivery will improve and this will bring government close to people. Chances of corruption are eliminated when service delivery is done electronically. Physical appearances and contacts become null and void.”

“So, electronic governance should be made compulsory in order to get rid of corruption. The time has come now that everyone should raise voice in favour of a corruption free state. We cannot escape this responsibility. We have to give something good and better to our coming generations,” the petition said.



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