SRINAGAR: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is set to make a crucial visit to Udhampur on February 24, where he will engage in discussions regarding the prevailing security situation with the top army commanders of Jammu and Kashmir.

This visit marks Minister Rajnath Singh’s second trip to the Jammu region within a short span of two months. Scheduled to address various matters pertinent to the region’s security, the Minister will also officiate the inauguration of the new Command Hospital building in Udhampur during his visit.

The Command Hospital, known for its top-tier medical services in Jammu and Kashmir, is positioned strategically near MH Chowk in Udhampur. With a reputation for providing exemplary healthcare services to military personnel, the new facility is expected to further enhance treatment capabilities, situated near Conway Ground close to the Supply Turn.

As per the initial inputs, during his visit, Singh is anticipated to interact extensively with high-ranking Army officials within the Northern Command. Discussions will likely encompass a comprehensive review of the security landscape along the Line of Control, including developments in Jammu and Kashmir.

The newly constructed Command Hospital boasts several modern amenities, including lifts, a central AC plant, hot water supply, and advanced fire safety systems.

With a total budget allocation of Rs 189.94 crore, the project, initiated on November 1, 2021, aimed for completion by January 31, 2024, ensuring the provision of enhanced medical services to military personnel in the region.(KNO)


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