Delhi attempts to trifurcate state on geopolitical, cultural and religious lines: Sehrai


Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai while reacting on granting Ladakh separate Administrative and Revenue division said that by adopting different tactics, New Delhi is hell bent to influence the disputed nature of JK under the garb of development and it is a well thought out plan to Trifurcate the state on geopolitical, cultural and religious lines.

The spokesman termed the move a Deseret attempt of fragmentation and division with the aim to disintegrate the whole territory into smaller regions and states to create hostility, wedge and non-cooperation with each other on a final political settlement.

In a statement issued here, Sehrai said, “It’s a well-thought-out ploy to fiddle with the Muslim majority character of JK and its internationally recognized basic character.” He said “These forces are working hard to sabotage the future referendum process in JK and hatching conspiracies to achieve desired results.

Meanwhile, Sehrai has expressed grief over the loss of lives in the snow avalanche at the Jawahar tunnel and said, such unnatural route claimed thousands of lives and people often left to fend for themselves facing a crisis and shortage of supplies.


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