Delhi never invited us officially for dialogue: Geelani


Reacting to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement in Parliament wherein he said “if the doors would not have been shut by Hurriyat, Kashmir issue could have been resolved”, Hurriyat (g) Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that political leadership from Delhi has now openly admitted that Pro-freedom leaders are the real representatives and main stakeholders of Kashmir and the issue cannot be resolved without them, this was stated by

Geelani in a statement said that rulers are very well aware of the fact that people’s aspiration, emotions and sentiments are represented by pro-freedom leadership. This acceptance of the ground realities should have culminated in practicality when leaders talk about “dialogue” to resolve the long-pending dispute.

Regarding the Home Minister’s statement about the dialogue and shutting doors on Parliamentary Delegation, Hurriyat chairman said that government never officially invited us, but at the same time blame us of rejecting it. It is not only shameful but speaks volumes about their truthfulness, sincerity and clarity. They tried to play a game of win only for them as they just wanted to discredit us as whether we accept their offer of dialogue which never came or we ignore their casual personal gestures. Hurriyat chairman further said that Delhi is scared of any meaningful dialogue with Hurriyat and Pakistan, as they have “occupied” this land illegally and forcefully by their “military might” using repeated lies and unabated surplus violence.

He further said that sole intention of the delegation was to act as firefighting just to derail and fizzle out the momentum through these age-old tactics, as they have been doing whenever Kashmiries stood up for their basic rights.

He said that in a similar situation of 2010 people’s uprising, we have warmly welcomed every delegation and had thread bear discussion, but they never responded back.

Geelani said Delhi is using an imperialistic attitude in Jammu and Kashmir to crush our movement of the right to self-determination. Since 1947 our nation has rendered unparalleled sacrifices, but Delhi has not been able to suppress our emotions with this “brutality”, Geelani said during a telephonic address to the mourners of the “martyrs” Zubair Ahmad and Arshid Ahmad at Gulshanpora Tral.


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