Delhi Police Made Kashmiri Students’ Life Hell: JeI



Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) expressed its strong resentment over the “fascist behaviour” of Delhi police towards Kashmiri students who are studying in various institutes across India particularly in Delhi.

In a statement issued here, JeI spokesperson said Kashmiri students feel insecure within India and in addition to it Delhi police have made the life of Kashmiri student a hell in the name of questioning.

“They are being harassed without any moral or legal justification and it is being done at the behest of communal parties like BJP, RSS, etc,” said Zahid Ali, Jei spokesperson.

Expressing solidarity with Kashmiri students studying in India, the spokesperson condemned the “barbaric behaviour” of Delhi police and termed it intolerable.

Pertinently students from JNU had organized an event on February 9, to express solidarity with Afzal Guru and at the occasion they highlighted the case of oppressed Kashmiri who are demanding their basic, fundamental and birth right “right to self-determination” since 1947 which India in the security council has accepted and thereby assured the Kashmiri people would be given this right very soon.

“But unfortunately, whenever somebody voiced its concern towards the atrocities committed by India in Kashmir and demands the said right, he or she is treated as anti-national and traitor,” the spokesperson said.

Denouncing the arrest of Prof Syed Abdul Rehman Geelani and JNU students union president Kanhaya Kumar, the spokesperson termed it as “fascist mindset” and demands the immediate release of all students including the duo. He also expressed anger over the dictatorial attitude of New-Delhi government and termed it anti-democratic and an act of colonialism.


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