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Er Rasheed in Langate on Friday

Independent lawmaker and Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) chief Er Rasheed Friday asked New Delhi to introspect and find answers that while “whole India was mourning India’s defeat in T20 World Cup semi-final why were Kashmiris celebrating India’s defeat on streets and social media”.

Addressing a public gathering after inaugurating Medical Dispensary at Walrama Qaziabad today, Rasheed in a party statement said, “the reaction to West Indies cricket team victory on the streets of Kashmir has yet again proved that Jammu & Kashmir issue is not a problem of governance, Pakistan’s insurgency, providing packages or resolving unemployment problem but a deep rooted political problem which needs a genuine political solution.”

Rasheed told the public gathering, “it is now proven beyond doubt that killing militants, slapping PSA on youth, calling AFSPA a holy book, disgracing Kashmiri leadership, relocating few army camps, providing financial packages, detaining hundreds of Kashmiris in & outside J&K jails and harassing Kashmiri students and traders outside J&K has not helped in resolving the dispute but complicated the problem further.”

“Celebrating India’s defeat should be an eye opener for every good Indian and they must read writing on the wall that with every day the distance between New Delhi and Srinagar deepens further,” he said.

Rasheed added, “unless New Delhi doesn’t change its attitude of ruling Kashmir at the barrel of gun and resolve the political dispute on the basis of mutual respect and in light of historic perspectives, only police, army, bureaucracy and few politicians may just be seen as symbols of India’s presence in J&K.”

Rasheed, who represents Langate assembly constituency in state legislature, earlier inaugurated another medical dispensary at Chountipora, Mawar.


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