Delhi using Lt Omar’s killing to divert attention from Kashmir issue


Asking New Delhi to stop using lieutenant Omar Fayaz’s assassination to “defame and humiliate” Kashmiris for defending its “weak” argument on Kashmir dispute, incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed has said that “so called” national media and communal minded pseudo intellectuals have started character assassination of Kashmiris, a statement of Rasheed’s AIP issued here reads.

Interacting with masses in Handwara on Friday, Rasheed according to the statement said that it is worst than a joke that those killing Muslims in the name of protecting cows are accusing Kashmiris of radicalisation and Wahabisation just to avoid plebiscite.

“It is painful that retired army generals and TV anchors interpret the indigenous resistance movement by their own selfish, biased and anti-Muslim standards”.

Rasheed said that those TV anchors and political analysts who try to create a division within Kashmiri society must have faced heat of the slap, when Tahir Mir son of a Kashmiri policeman from Bandipora, who had lost his life in 2002 during an anti-militancy operation, was forced to appear handcuffed in the examination.

Rasheed said, “If the claims of those wanting to divide Kashmiris over dead bodies would have been true, then Tahir should not have been facing continuous detentions under PSA for emerging as a strong icon of resistance struggle, despite being highly educated and his father being killed in an anti-militancy operation. The TV anchors should know the answer to their stupid questions from Tahir Mir that why does he support the mass resistance. It is a reality of broad day light that Tahir and hundreds of others whose near and dear ones have lost their beloved ones during anti-militancy operations, do directly blame New Delhi for facilitating and creating an environment and a situation where Kashmiris were forced to be pitched against each other. These shameless and senseless propagandists need to know that it is not they who get punished for the arrogance, atrocities and conspiracies of New Delhi against Kashmiris but Kashmiris like lieutenant Omer Fayaz, Const. Habibullah and many others have to pay for it.”

Rasheed said that those showing cosmetic sympathy towards Omer Fayaz that there are dozens of Kashmiri soldiers who lost their lives but except glorifying their tragic deaths, they have not been paid even their dues by their respective regiments or units.


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