DeM Condemns DPS’ ‘Abaya Directive’



Aasiyeh Andrabi
Aasiyeh Andrabi

Dukhtaran-i-Millat chairperson Aasiyeh Andrabi Friday condemned the action of Delhi Public School authorities against a female teacher for wearing Abaya.

In a statement issued here, Andrabi said, “The principal of the school (Kusum Wariku), who is a Kashmiri Pandit, forced the school teacher to leave her job by asking her to choose between a modest dress (an Abaya) or her job. This is yet another institutionalized Hindutvisation of our schools wherein we are being forced to adhere to Hindu culture and its norms,” she said.

She said that the principal must understand that Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and its people will dress as per the Islamic dress code.

“The protesting students have done a commendable job and I also urge the teachers of the school to join them until this pro-Hindutva principal apologizes for this anti-Muslim act,” she added.

She said that Kashmiri people will continue to counter these “anti-Muslim” policies until Kashmir becomes a part of Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular.



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