Srinagar:  Chairperson of Dukhataran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi, on Wednesday said that the only package acceptable to the people Kashmiris from Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is the right to self-determination which India has been denying them for the past 70 years.

Mrs Andrabi, according to a statement, was referring to the CM Mehbooba Mufti’s statement wherein she said that “she will bring Narendra Modi here and will make him announce ‘development’ package for Kashmir”.

Aasiyeh Andrabi

“We don’t have any issue if Mehbooba brings Modi here, she has personal relationship with him but claiming that she will make him announce packages for Kashmir is nothing but deception. The only package that conscious Kashmiris will accept from India is their right to self determine their future as promised by the UN and other world bodies,” she said.

She said that Mehbooba and the Indian government must know that our youth rejected top jobs and joined the Jihad. “Do you call this violence, our youth picked up gun to combat  the violence that Indian forces have unleashed across Kashmir. These children have picked the gun for their right which has been denied to them. In reality, youths have chosen the path of opposing the oppressor to make peace in the Valley which is possible only when India leaves Jammu and Kashmir,” she added.

Mrs Andrabi while terming the “youth convention” held by PDP a farce said that the people present at the meeting were SPOs and the casual labourers bundled from various places. “Actually, this woman is exploiting the poverty of these youth by making false promises,” she added.

She said that the CM’s assertion that “give me peace and I will give you jobs and development” was nothing but a ‘cruel joke’.

“While one acknowledges the fact that violence is detrimental to Kashmir and its people, Mehbooba needs to be asked who is perpetuating the violence in the streets of Kashmir. It is the occupational forces and the terrorist state who are killing, blinding and spilling the blood of our people in every nook and corner of the Valley,” she said

She said that rather than giving Kashmiris lectures about non-violence, this woman (Mehbooba) must shun the path of violence and must stop killing Kashmiri children.

“I have never seen a shameless and cunning person like this woman. When she is out of power she holds the photographs of our martyrs and seeks justice for them and when in power, uses all means of coercion against the innocent Kashmiris. Doesn’t she know who is killing 10-year-old boys, who is blinding everyone with pellets and who uses brutal means to muzzle the voices of Kashmiris?” she questioned.


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