Designer Leena Singh dedicates her 2018 collection to Kashmir craftsmen


A New Delhi based designer Leena Singh has dedicated her autumn-winter 2018 collection to the karigars(craftsmen) of Kashmir.

Designer Leena Singh dedicates her 2018 collection to Kashmir craftsmen.

According to a report in LIFESTYLE, a fashion magazine, Leena said that she dedicated her autumn/winter 2018 collection to the karigars of the Kashmir, who have struggled a lot due to the turmoil and hardships to sustain daily life.

“My efforts have been towards unmasking the turmoil and dark world of the artisans of Jammu & Kashmir. The reality is that people are losing their lives, and they sleep every night not knowing what will happen the next morning. Behind the glamorous world of fashion, there is this dark world of craft,” LIFESTYLE quoted Leena as saying.

Leena, according to the report, said the work in metropolitan cities doesn’t provide much respite to Kashmiri craftsmen either.

“They too dream of earning more and getting their children educated. They need all the support available,” she said, adding, “That is why I decided it was time to pay an ode to them.”

The range features five capsule collections and incorporates motifs from jamawar and kaani embroidery from the region.

The designer has crafted ‘The Reversible Shawl’ collection, a luxury range of five capsule collections featuring prints and embroidery from the region. The silhouettes are designed for formal Indian dressing, and fabrics include twill silk, French net, georgette, brocade and Italian weaves.

Centering on the motifs seen on jamawar shawls, the range comprises phirans, a lehenga-sari with pashmina blouse, dhoti pants and a jumpsuit. The pockets are jet black from the inside but embroidered with bright flowers on the outside.

“One side reflects the darkness, but the other is the brightness that they can and hope to have in life,” she said.

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