Despite Uncertainty, Anand Vows To Shot ‘Bang Bang’ In Valley

KL Desk


Despite growing unrest in Kashmir, filmmaker Siddharth Anand is unmoved and insists to carry on shooting Bang Bang in the valley, dodging the commotion.

In last few years, tourism was at full bloom, so was inclination of many filmmakers to use Kashmir as the bollywood destination. But now when situation is on the edge, very few filmmakers are showing interest to choose Kashmir as their desired location. But Siddharth is resolute to go on with his scheduled 45-day shoot with Katrina Kaif for the Katrina-Hrithik Roshan starrer.

Apparently, Siddharth, has been forced to indefinitely postpone the shooting that was originally slated to begin next month. But he is optimistic and hopes hopes that the unrest will be a part of history in no time.

Meanwhile, the producer, Fox Movies, is not  willing to carry on the shooting in the valley and has decided to move the location to Punjab.


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