SRINAGAR: The grievance redressal programme launched by DGP Jammu and Kashmir R R Swain took off on Saturday at Police Headquarters Peer Bagh Srinagar. This initiative has been taken to address the difficulties and grievances of common citizens.

DGP RR Swain in first Public Darbar

The grievance redressal programme witnessed significant participation from people across different strata of society. Swain listened to each grievance and assured them that necessary action would be taken or appropriate redressal ensured wherever necessary.

The DGP emphasised that this opportunity provides a window for people with genuine grievances to approach PHQ between the specified time schedule for redressal in Srinagar and Jammu.

He underscored the importance of grievances being genuine and urged citizens to utilise available redressal platforms before bringing issues to the notice of the DGP. Individuals raising grievances based on false information may face legal consequences, he warned. The DGP urged people to present grievances within the boundaries of established laws, rules, and procedures, stating that people-oriented programs aim to solve genuine problems.

In his interaction with the media, the DGP described the program as a new effort with a significant message value to connect with the people. He expressed confidence that the program would yield substantive results by addressing various categories of grievances and complaints affecting police administration.

Some grievances may be addressed immediately, while others require thorough examination. The DGP emphasised the importance of follow-up to ensure the success of any grievance redressal mechanism and pledged to enhance transparency in the existing system.

Regarding counter terrorism efforts, the DGP stressed the need for joint community efforts involving parents, schools, religious teachers, and friends to discourage youth from falling prey to terror handlers from across the border.

“Our effort is to ensure that there is no link between the handlers sitting across the border and the youth here. When there will be no link, recruitment will end completely. That’s what we want. We want zero terrorist recruitment,” he said, adding that “there will be a community effort to stop local terrorist recruitment.”

He said that terror recruitment is taking place under the guise of “freedom of expression.” “So a collective community effort is what will help stop it (terrorism recruitment),” he said as per KNO.

Concerning narco-terrorism, the DGP condemned the planned import of narcotics from across the border, emphasising that those involved in the narco trade would not be spared.

To address concerns about accessibility, the DGP announced a specific schedule for grievance redressal meetings at PHQ Jammu and Srinagar on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays and 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month, respectively.

The specified timing for grievance redressal programs is from 2 pm to 4 pm on all Saturdays. Citizens seeking redressal were advised to come with a written statement or application and approach officers of concerned police units authorized to handle such grievances. In case of any changes, advance information through PHQ J&K social media handles would be provided to minimise inconvenience to the public.


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