Didn’t Know Hurriyat Team Was Leaving For Pakistan: Shah

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 Terming the people of Kashmir brave and determined enough to take the ongoing freedom struggle to its logical goal, senior Hurriyat(M) Leader and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah said that and any leader deviating from the track of freedom will be rendered irrelevant.

“People of Kashmir have always supported the leadership till the leadership kept advocating and representing aspirations of masses. They followed the Sheikh Abdullah when he was supporting and advocating right to self determination through plebiscite. Once he deceived the nation by entering into accord with India in 1975; he was rejected by people once for all. Now even his grave is being guarded by cops”, said DFP Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah while talking to local news agency KNS. He said that Hurriyat leadership is representing the sacrifices and aspirations of people and people have right to raise objections, if any leader deviates from the track.

On the participation of large number of panchayat members in the state legislative council elections, he said, “Elections are a tactics of India but it (India) knows that holding elections have never affected the real status of Kashmir issue neither have elections solved the real issue. Those (People) who exercised their vote in any elections, have never voted with any expressed or implied intention that they agree with or support accession and accord with India”, said Shah.
“India took it for granted and was living in fool’s paradise when it (India) thought that making Sheikh Abdullah to enter into the accord was India’s success and that people won’t raise voices for right to self determination. But people of Kashmir in 1990 reminded the world that leaders in Kashmir become irrelevant when they deviate from the track of advocating freedom of state from India”, he added.

“The only problem with elections is that here in Kashmir GoI says that elections are meant to address day to day problems of common people while in international forums it (India) presents these elections as alternative to plebiscite. There can be no compromise with our right to self determination”, Shah added.

Regarding the Hurriyat (M) Pakistan visit, Shah expressed surprise that no other resistance leader was consulted before the delegation flew to Delhi. “It was through media that I came to know that Hurriyat delegation is flying to Delhi. We all represent sacrifices and aspirations of the nation. It is because of people that we’ve been recognized in international forums and communities and are being invited in various forums. Hurriyat team should have consulted Syed Ali Geelani, Yaseen Malik and all pro resistance leaders. It should have consulted also the people from Jammu and Ladakh.” he said.
“We are not against the Pakistan visit but it was better if we could have unanimously reached a consensus as it would have borne more fruits and the visit would have had more weight”, he added.

He said the Hurriyat is an amalgam of various associations and its constitution is clear that all associations are to fighting for right to self determination.  “Mirwaiz Sahib is Chairman of this amalgam. He should make it very clear whether he is going to represent his own party there or the Hurriyat as whole”, said Shah.

He blamed divisions among pr0-freedom ranks as being the hurdle in reaching the logical conclusions of the freedom movement. “Divisions among resistance leadership has given advantage to our opponents. Unification is a must in the interest of movement to reap desired results. It will be better to work under one programme and not to issue individual party programmes. Announcing joint programmes after consultation will be more effective’, said Shah.

Reacting to the statement of Mirwaiz Omar Farooq where he had said that hardliner separatist groups should change their outlook in the efforts to find a solution to Kashmir, Shah said “Mirwaiz should explain the statement to the people and clarify what outlook he was talking about.”

Appreciating the statement of S. A. Geelani where he had said that Unification of Hurriyat is possible on the basic principles of right to self determination, Shah said “I welcome and appreciate the statement of honorable Geelani Sahib. We (Hurriyat) are fighting for right to self determination and the constitution of Hurriyat clearly speaks about it. All Hurriyat leaders should come on the table and should make collective effort to achieve this goal. Let us all unite on this basic principle”, he said.

Speaking about the Indo-Pak dialogue, he said that no Hurriyat leader is against the dialogue process.
“Constitution of Hurriyat lays down that it should be tripartite dialogue where India, Pakistan and representative of Kashmir are involved. I admit that in past we committed some mistakes but now we’re aware about the facts. It is India who has to initiate the meaningful dialogue and it should be held under the supervision of independent observers. The observers of the dialogue will see who is running away from the table and who is sincere in the process. I appeal International Community, European Union in general and UNO in particular, to held plebiscite in J&K as it has held in East Timur and South  Swedan”, he added.

Senior Hurriyat Leader reiterated his demand for the institutionalization of the Hurriyat. “Hurriyat has to institutionalize. We’ve to go at grass root level and reach out to orphans, widows and other affected people. Every person of the nation is supporting this view. People should ascertain the facts that who is making hurdles in this process”, said Shah.


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