Blues in Passport clearance still on in Valley

KL Report


Even though there are proper directions from the government that the kiths and kins of former militants should not be deprived from getting passports, yet there are cases in Kashmir where men, women and youth are facing difficulties to get the passport. CID department of the State are citing the reason that their relatives are involved in militancy related cases and thus can’t be issued passport in their favour.

“I applied for the passport (file number A-020905) in 2011 and it is 2014 yet I have not received the passport. I was told that my brother is involved in a militancy related case. The irony is that the verification done by CID makes it clear that nothing adverse has been found against me,” a grieving resident of Srinagar said.

He said that after consultation with a CID official, he was asked to submit an application wherein he should admit that his brother was involved in a militancy case and request the top brass to issue passport in his favour. “I did the same but when I approached CID office in Srinagar, I was asked to visit Jammu as the office has shifted their with Darbar,” he said adding that it is surprising how many people will afford to go to Jammu for such purpose. He said that he was forced to send his father to Jammu for this purpose where he submitted the application.

He alleged that not a single CID official approached him for verification for all these years, instead he visited their offices and pleaded to expedite the verification. “It is a hectic job to get passport here. (CNS)


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