KL Report


According to Director, CA&PD, Kashmir, the Minister for CAPD & Transport took various initiatives to streamline the functioning of CA&PD Department and in the first instance on his instructions the Zero balancing was ordered for Sugar and Rice Godowns of Srinagar, Lethpora, Tral, Bandipora, Kralhar, Baramulla, Khanabal and Nagam besides Budgam. However the zero balancing has been completed for Sugar Godown, Rice Godown Srinagar, Rice Godown Lethpora, Khanabal Godown, Nagam Godown and for other Godowns the same is under process. The shortages detected by the Department at Sugar Godown and Rice Godown Srinagar was debited on penal @ 150% against personal accounts of erring officials and an amount of Rs 51,80,000 has been recovered from them. An amount to the tune of Rs 5,16,000 has also been recovered from the erring officials on account of shortages detected for rice

Godown Srinagar. However, no shortage was detected at Khanabal. The initiative taken by the department for conducting zero balance in the sale centres as well as granaries and godowns shall be continued till the embezzlement/shortages of food grains is fully detected and stem action shall be taken against the delinquent officials as per the law, so that such shortages do not occur in the department in future. It shall be worthwhile to inform that for the last three decades no such zero balancing has ever been conducted in the department. Moreover the officers/officials who have been posted in the godowns for more than three years have been shifted to ensure efficiency and transparency, the Director added.

With regard to Rice Godown Lethpora, the Director said that zero balancing was ordered by the department in the month of March 2013 and the Deputy Director South who was deputed to monitor the dispatches has submitted his report on 18.04.2013 with certain observations which was cleared by the Assistant Director Stores and the process was again started for zero balancing. However the officer informed that the task of zero balancing has been completed on November 18, 2013 and report will be submitted within couple of days. The officials involved in shortages were attached in the month of July 2013 and action against these officials shall follow after the report is received. The department has presently adequate stocks of food grains available and no sale centre is deficient of food grains.


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