Disband VDCS in order to restore communal harmony in JK: JKLF

KL Report


Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Friday condemned the continuing arrest spree by government in Kishtwar and other areas of State.

“If it has been revealed that Kishtwar communal violence was started and instigated by Hindu extremist party Bajrang Dal then why common people are being harassed through arrests, torture and curfew politics. Why are rulers reluctant to take steps against the real culprits who for their petty interests tried to ignite fire and destroy the communal harmony of Jammu and Kashmir?” Malik, who is under house arrest since August 8, in a statement issued to GNS said.

He said that instead of banning organizations like Bajrang Dal who only create and propagate hatred, authorities have turned a blind eye against them. “Bajrang Dal leader Togadia comes to Jammu, Rajouri, Doda and propagates hatred. Instead of stopping him, he is always being helped by government,” Malik said, adding it is now an established fact that government, army and forces are the powers who spread terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. “Today even pro-Indian leaders claim that VDC is terrorizing people especially Muslims in Jammu region.”

“The role of VDC in recent communal violence has been exposed. This terrorist force abetted and aided by Indian army and forces has links with the communal forces and has unleashed a reign of terror among people. Now the need of the hour is to ban and disband this terrorist force as soon as possible,” Malik added.

JKLF Chief said it is important to disband such force for the restoration of communal harmony and brotherhood in Jammu Kashmir.

Commenting on the situation in Egypt, JKLF Chief said that people protesting for the restoration of democracy are being butchered in Egypt by the blood thirsty Pharaohs. “This massacre is a shame on whole humanity.”

“World powers have paid lip-service condemnations against this brutal massacre. One can ask a question to these world powers who claim to be the champions of democracy that why are they reluctant to take some practical and concrete steps to save those who stand for democracy and peace in Egypt,” Malik questioned in a statement.

He said if world fails to save and help Egyptians today, the whole world will became a worst place to live in. “This criminal negligence of the world powers will only promote violence in the whole world as common people will lose faith in democracy and non-violence,” Malik added.


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