Discharged Patient turns positive in Charar-i-Sharief, hospital staff sent in quarantine

SRINAGAR: Amid the surge in Covid-19 positive patients in Kashmir, the sub-district hospital Chrar e Sharief defied the set protocol and delivered a pregnant lady without a COVID report in hand. After she was discharged from the hospital, her reports have declared her COVID positive.

Even if the government has made it mandatory to do COVID screening of all pregnant women before their expected delivery dates, a pregnant lady, a resident of Pulwama district and presently living with her parents at Chrari pora in Chrar e Sharief, came to the sub-district hospital on July 4.

“The consultant gynaecologist asked the lady if she has tested for COVID to which the lady replied she is negative. Without seeing her reports the said doctor asked her to get admitted on July 6 and her delivery will be done on July 7,” said the patient’s relative on phone.

“Without seeing her report the doctor wrote on her hospital file that she is COVID negative, this was criminal on the part of the doctor,” informed a source from the hospital.

“While her LSCS was done her samples were again sent for the testing. After her delivery, she was put in a general ward with other patients but her reports came on Friday which declared her positive. By then the patient was already discharged,” said a doctor from the hospital, wishing anonymity. “Reportedly her two brothers were already declared positive.”

“If we were not sure about her tests we could have sent her to the JLNM hospital in Rainawari which is a designated hospital for such type of patients if we are not sure about the reports. But due to the negligence of a doctor, the lives of the other doctors, paramedic staff, other patients and their attendants have been put at risk,” said a doctor from the hospital, who is now in self-isolation.

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When contacted the BMO of the hospital, Dr Mastoora, she blamed the patient for not informing her doctor that her family members were positive. “When we received her in the OPD, she showed us an old COVID report and we admitted her. We took her samples again and her report came yesterday that showed her positive.” She added,

“Unfortunately we had to sent our 10 to 15 members of the hospital in quarantine, that includes our doctors, whole theatre staff, post-operative ward staff. We will start a survey today to locate the patients and attendants with whom she shared the general ward, who will be then put in quarantine.”

Dr Mastoora also added, “These COVID reports are sent back in eight days so these things will happen.”


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