‘Discrimination’ with Kashmir, ruckus in LA, House Committee formed

KL Report


Another instance of ‘discrimination’ with Kashmir Valley was revealed in the Legislative Assembly (LA) on Friday, now about the establishment of the primary health centers.

Protesting against which the opposition PDP members and the independent lawmaker, Er Rashid raised a hue and cry before the proceedings of the house were adjourned for some time.

The members also alleged that there was an inter-constituency discrimination as well in the establishment of the health centers. The speaker later announced the constitution of a house committee to probe the allegations.

As the question hour started in the LA and the same was going on smoothly PDP MLA, Nizam-ul-dim Bhat asked a question about the health sector. While the supplementaries were raised by many other members during which some members revealed that government is planning to create 600 new health centers in the state among which only 200 are meant for the Kashmir valley while as  the other 400 are to be established in Jammu.

As the revelation reached the PDP members they at once stormed into the well of the house raising anti-government slogans. The PDP members alleged that the government is discriminating with the Valley deliberately. “Recently discrimination was made with Kashmir when new administrative units were created and now when new health centers are to be established, Kashmir is again being discriminated.”

The protesting PDP members were joined by MLA, Langate, Er Rashid who said, “The government has kept jails and killings for Kashmir.” The protesting members created ruckus in the house by raising slogans and criticizing the government for what they called “anti-Kashmir” policies and when nothing was audible due to the noise the speaker adjourned the proceedings.

Earlier, PDP President also alleged that there was an inter-constitutional scam as well in the sanctioning of the health centers compelling the speaker Mubarak Gul to constitute a house committee to probe the allegations.


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