Dispensaries, sub-centers of Islamabad district crave for basic facilities

Umar Khurshid


Lack of basic health-care facilities in several areas of Islamabad district has made life difficult for the patients. The dispensaries and sub-centers set-up across the district, including remote areas of Chee, Anzwalla, Anchidora, and other adjoining areas fail to cater a huge depending population.

Most of these sub-centers have become redundant due to lack of infrastructure, proper space, staff, and medicines.

“Sometimes, there is no doctor to see patients at these health centers. Even for common cold and cough we have to visit district hospital,” a local resident said.

“There should be proper medical supplies and staff members available at these health centers,” he said. “At least basic aid and medicines for minor diseases should be available.”

As per World Health Organization (WHO) regulation, dispensaries should be catering a population of 5,000 or less and PHC (Public Health Centre) should have to cater a population of less than 14,000. But in the remote areas of Islamabad a dispensary is meant to cater a population of more than 15000.

According to officials, a huge number of patients visit these centers every day. “But, due to the lack of basic facilities, staff is unable to help people,” admitted a health worker.

Block medical officer (BMO) Achabal of Dr Mohd Yousuf, while talking to Kashmir Life said, “We always do our best to serve public at these health centers, in accordance with the requirement list sent by these centers.”

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