Div Com orders inquiry into fraud in Rehbar-e-Khel selection in Drugmulla


Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan on Saturday asked Deputy Commissioner Kupwara to enquire into the matter regarding fraud in Rehbar-e-Khel, Zone Drugmulla, in the frontier district.

According to a communication to the deputy commissioner Kupwara, the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Khan asked the deputy commissioner to inquire into the matter and submit a report along with recommendations or comments within a week’s time “positively”.

The inquiry was ordered following a representation submitted by drop out candidates that the recruiting body has resorted to nepotism and favouritism by selecting their relatives or others on extraneous considerations.

“There is a close relation of the members of the interview committee with the selected ones which has paved way for their selection over and above the (dropped out) applicants,” reads the representation.

“The selection is based on extraneous considerations as all the selected candidates have been systematically given more points in the viva while dropped out have been given lesser points despite superior academic merit and exceptional performance in the interview,” they said.

The applicants also stated that some of the selected candidates have obtained fake certificates which need to be thoroughly probed so that only deserving and competent candidates are selected and merit prevails. (GNS)


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