Divisional Status should not undermine the functioning of LAHDC, Read a list of other decisions



Under the chairmanship of LBA president Tsewang Thinles a meeting was held at LBA office to discuss the function of division in Ladakh region on Monday.

The meeting was attended by All Ladakh Gonpa Association, Anjuman Immamia, Anjuman-Moin-ul-Islam, Christian Community, Executive Councillor, LAHDC, Leh, BJP, Indian National Congress, National Conference, PDP, Chairman, Sarpanch Coordination Committee, Leh, Vice President, Municipal Committee, Leh, Leader of opposition, LAHDC, Leh.

The spokesman said that meeting was called by Ladakh Buddhist Association and after much deliberation, the participants unanimously passed a joint resolution and the following points were discussed and approved for further action:-

That the Divisional Status should not undermine the functioning of the LAHDC, and to ensure the smooth functioning of the LAHDC, we propose that CEO to LAHDC be made a post of Commissioner Secretary rank.

That the Divisional Status should be purposeful and should be on the ground and all Departments functioning in the District be given full-fledged Directorate with required numbers of staff with reference to the local participation on top priority.

That post creation for implementation of the new dispensation be done forthwith otherwise we have a bitter experience that the Government had introduced Bhoti Language teachings in government schools in the year 1969 with the promise to post creation of Bhoti teachers for all schools (which at the initial stage only 27 posts created) and no fresh post created after that in last 50 years.

It was also decided that the struggle for UT with legislature will continue and committed to continuing our struggle for our honour and dignity for achieving the aspirations of our people.

The participants express their resentment on the repeal of SRO 110 to SRO 120. It is again pertinent to mention that declaring Leh as the headquarter of the newly created Divisional status for Ladakh was a very thoughtful and a decision of wisdom keeping in view the international historical, cultural and strategic importance of Leh city. But unfortunately the decision has been reversed under the pressure of Kargil population thereby resulting extreme humiliation and disappointment among the people of Leh District and keeping in view the international status, historical background of Leh and its centrally location, all the headquarters of the Directorates be stationed at Leh so as to ensure that the status of Leh city too is not undermined.

It was also decided in the meeting that if our demands are not given due consideration than we have no option left except to fight for our rights.


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