‘Doctor’s negligence’ claims the life of 13 year old Iqra

KL Report


Lack of patient care and poor diagnosis is forcing countless Kashmiri patients to get themselves admitted in different hospitals of New Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai. Despite lack of resources, attendants are left with no option but to get their patients shifted to outside states. Attendants alleged that patients are not being treated well in one of the largest hospitals of the country SKIMS and SMHS hospital.

“The doctors in the hospitals don’t treat patients. They either advice them to consult a private doctor or discharge them from the hospital without diagnosing them properly,” father of 13 year old Iqra Jan from Palapora Noorbagh whose daughter died at SMHS hospital on Wednesday evening in the absence of the doctors said.

“A few days before, my little daughter Iqra swallowed a pin when she was playing with it. Despite the blood was oozing out from her mouth, the SMHS doctors discharged her. We brought her to the hospital again when bleeding did not stop, but to our surprise, not a single specialist doctor was available in the hospital. My little daughter breathed her last in the hospital ward in the absence of doctors,” he said.

The uncle of Iqra said that Kashmiri hospitals are turning out to be ‘slaughter houses’ where patients are treated like cattle. “We protested inside the hospital after the death of Iqra but no one was present there, even the Registrar was absent,” Muhammad Shafi said.

Medical Superintendent SMHS hospital Dr Nazir Ahmed Chodhri said that he does not know about the incident and has not received any complaint so far in this regard.

A Para-medical staffer of SKIMS who wished not to be named said that on an average five to six attendants withdraw their patients from the hospital and refer them to the outside state for better treatment. Confirming this, Dr Irfan Ahmed from Safdarjang Hospital New Delhi said over phone that All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi, Safdarjang and other hospital wards of Delhi are filled with Kashmiri patients. “I fail to understand why the hospital authorities in Kashmir shift these patients to New Delhi whey they claim that they can provide better patient care,” he said adding that he was informed by a doctor about the death of 13 year old Iqra and it is disgusting that a serious patient like her was discharged by the hospital authorities at the first instance. (CNS)


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