Domicile certificates to WPRs: Joint resistance leadership calls for protests on Friday

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A meeting of joint Hurrriyat with stakeholders in Hyderpora. (File Photo)

Saying that PDP has again started working on its “anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim” agenda, the joint resistance leadership Wednesday said that the people of Jammu Kashmir will not hesitate to offer sacrifices for opposing such actions tooth and nail.

In a statement issued here, the leadership said, “Issuing domicile certificates to west Pakistan Refugees, court verdict challenging the sovereignty of Jammu Kashmir and allowing outside banks to confiscate and hold properties in Jammu Kashmir are the issues of life and death for our existence as Muslims and Kashmiris.

The trio of octagenaian leader Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik has appealed for statewide protests and demonstrations on Friday 23rd December 2016.

Terming these maneuvers to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, the leaders said that PDP has started showing its true colors by initiating the process of creeping slowly and deceitfully towards the Hindutva agenda of its coalition partners.

“We are not against the rehabilitation of these refuges and on humanitarian grounds we fully support their every demand and urge the government to facilitate them and provide them all the rights they are eligible to. India is a huge country with more than 30 states and if they are sincere, honest and feel the sufferings of these refugees they can settle them any of their states, but settling them in a disputed land of Jammu and Kashmir will jeopardize and erode its historical & political contours, which is not acceptable to us at any cost.”

The trio said that yes-men of these “imperialistic” forces are mesmerized in their luxuries and have lost their wits as they are intoxicated under the influence of power and perks—but let us remind and caution these “stooges” not to put the valley to the flames of destruction and bloodshed, just to appease their coalition partners.

“By doing so they may be in good books of their masters but they can never stop themselves being consumed in these flames. How much blood they need to offer for remaining in power, how much pain and agony of the people will suffice there greedy mindset.”

They said that history stands witness to the fact that “traitors and tyrants” had a very tragic and disgusting end and our present day “stooges” are no exemption.

“We appeal the nation in general and visionary people in particular to nip these evils in the bud as if they left unattended, they grow to the monsters of cruelty and barbarism. Disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be brushed aside by any judicial gimmicks.”

Appealing all the sects of the society including Ulama’a, Imam’s, religious scholars, intellectuals, civil society, youth, traders and transporters to remain vigilant against these killing and crushing tactics of India, joint leadership appealed them to hold peaceful protests on Friday 23 December 2016 to convey a clear message to India, its “stooges” and the whole world that we as a nation will fight such designs unanimously, willfully and honestly.


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