Domicile Law Hollow, Unacceptable: NC



National Conference on Wednesday criticized the new Domicile Law introduced by GOI, for its futility in safeguarding interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir and termed it totally unacceptable.

While calling the newly introduced Law a cruel joke, party’s Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said, “Only Class –IV jobs have been reserved for the original state subjects. What can be more demeaning than this?” The clause of extending domicile to everyone and anyone who has lived in J&K for the past 15 years, NC said, raises concern about demography changes in J&K which may be brought in.

“Even those, who have been posted as central government employees, PSU’s, migrants in J&K can now enjoy their share of jobs, biting off a huge chunk from the share of the locals,” he said.

“How cruel the law is for the people of J&K, when it paves way for a person, from anywhere in India, having studied here for 7 years or so, to claim domicile? Is it possible for a student studying in other States to have a similar stake there?” he said adding that the central government was starting a “domicile dole-out mela in J&K” and “everyone is welcome”.

Calling the timing of the law insult upon injury, Ruhullah said, “When the entire country is battling with COVID19, and people and their representatives of J&K are bereft with worries and concerns about their lives and of their families, GoI  brings in the law.” He said this clearly shows they want to hoodwink people at a time when they cannot even think in their right minds given the magnitude of COVID19 epidemic.

Dissecting the law, he said, unlike in other states like Himachal Pradesh, where land rights have been well safeguarded by domicile law, in J&K’s domicile law, there is no such provision. NC said the law offers no protection to the lands belonging to the people of erstwhile State.

National Conference expressed shock over the fact that a Tehsildar level officer has been empowered to dole out domicile certificates. “This is what is called jugglery. There is no mechanism to ensure verification of the claims of domicile and thus, there is every scope of the law bringing in new entrants into the land,” he said.

Hitting out at the double standards of the central government he said, “All across the country people who lived 70 years of their lives in the country are being asked to prove their claim over citizenship but here anyone with a 10-15 year stay is eligible for a domicile certificate.” The party said once again, GoI was discriminating with the people of J&K.


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