Domicile Order Frighteningly Ambivalent: PDP



Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday termed the central government order defining domicile law for J&K  as frighteningly ambivalent, irresolute and akin to rubbing salt to the people’s wounds.

In a statement issued here, PDP General Secretary and former MLC Surinder Choudhary has termed the order issued by the GOI defining Domicile Rights of the people of the erstwhile state as ill-timed, very badly drafted and outcome of confused and chaotic bureaucracy.

Choudhary said it seems that the order has been deliberately issued at a time when the entire country, as well as Jammu and Kashmir, is facing a dreadful threat due to the outbreak of the deadly virus and entire population is caged in their homes. The priorities at present were ought to be different, says Choudhary, adding that it goes beyond the reach of the reason why the order which carries immense significance has been issued amid the present tumultuous times.

“Either those at the helm are trying to play a proverbial ostrich or they deliberately are trying to insult the people by issuing an order which contains ruthlessly confusing content,” said Choudhary.

The PDP General Secretary pitched for its immediate rollback, asking the government of India to prioritise all its efforts in containing the spread of COVID-19 in the country as well as in Jammu and Kashmir. “We want the government to save the precious lives from the virus which is out to swallow the entire human race. When the world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic, it is deeply perturbing that some in the corridors of power are playing mind games with the perturbed people of Jammu and Kashmir who have been battling odd times since decades,” said the PDP General Secretary.

He added that the order pertaining to the domicile rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is akin to rubbing salt to their wounds as it contains no word related the protection of land and jobs and has been issued just for the sake of issuance. “We demand nothing but its immediate rollback,” said the PDP general secretary.


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