Don’t malign JK bank reputation: KCC&I

Srinagar: KCC&I on behalf of business fraternity, has taken serious note of the malicious campaign launched by some vested interest to malign the reputation of J&K bank which has been the premium financial institution of our state since 1938.

The spokesman said that premium financial institution has attained this status because of its hardworking sincere dedicated and honest work force. And the management of the bank has always found trust and respect in the hearts and minds of its customers.

In the midst of severe economic crisis faced by business community, such types of rumors shall prove detrimental to the already disrupted and stressed business as the bank caters to all sectors of our economy. As the premiere financial institution J&K bank is serving all types of people and we urge the government to ensure its smooth functioning and take necessary steps to take strong actions against the rumor mongers and ensure that the customer confidence is maintained.

KCC&I also requests public not to pay heed to such rumors, and insisted that we all must stand by the J&K bank and do our part to maintain the positive reputation of our bank. The J&K bank is the only financial institution of the state which stood by us during the toughest times and continued its operations to help and support the people.


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