While paying glowing tributes to 1931 Martyrs, Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Asiya Andrabi Sunday said that the best way to pay tribute is to take the mission of martyrs to its logical conclusion.

In a statement to KNS, she said that those martyrs have laid the foundation of the ongoing movement and July 13 should be “celebrated to renew the commitment towards the mission.”

“Those martyred on 13 July 1931 have stood strong and dared to speak loud before a big autocratic power of their times and have hence laid a foundation of a movement, against the oppression, which is still going on. That day marks the beginning of the struggle which is still going and yet to achieve the goal of freedom,” she said.

Paying tributes to Martyrs she said, “they laid the foundation of freedom struggle at a very difficult time and since the movement has seen many ups and downs however it is yet to fetch fruits but is continuing by the grace of Allah”. “The present movement is actually the continuation of that movement but it took a new turn in 1989 and since then more than thousands lives have been sacrificed for the just cause of freedom of the oppressed Jammu Kashmir”.

“The nation in general and leadership in particular owes to the martyrs and the best way to pay homage is to celebrate 13 July as the day of renewed commitment of taking the mission of martyrs to its logical conclusion  by strengthening the movement,” Asiya sad.

She said that Jammu Kashmir and its majority community is going through “tough times” but reminded the government of the history of bravery shown by this nation right from 13 July 1931. “Those who are experiencing new forms of oppression on the behest of RSS and its allies should bear it in mind that this nation has dared autocracy even when it was weak and un armed” she said and added “the so called rulers should know that we have a history of daring the biggest powers without fearing for our lives, 13 July 1931 is a clear example.”

In the meanwhile while commenting over a fast spreading trend of Iftaar parties Asiya Andrabi appealed the people not to spoil their fast by attending the parties thrown by those whose hands are blood soaked. “An Iftaar party is ok if it is thrown for the sake of Allah with the aim of serving the fasting Muslims but the food being served should necessarily be of Halal income,” she said and added that a fashion of Iftaar parties is fast spreading in violation of Islamic Shariah.

She further said, “how astonishing it is that even some institutions dealing with interest and those police and military officers and pro-India politicians are throwing Iftaar parties whose hands are soaked in the blood of Jammu Kashmir Muslims”. However, she said that more astonishing and sad is the fact that some naïve Muslims do attend such parties hence spoiling their fast. “Surprising is this and naïve are those Muslims who cannot see the blood stains on the hands of military and police officers passing the food to them for breaking the fast”.

Aasiyeh Andrabi has said that there are reports from many areas of Army offering Iftaar parties even in Masajid and compelling the people by different tactics to attend. “There are reports of Imams being threatened to be in league while organizing these military funded parties and this amounts to the interference in religious matters” she said.

She has said that those dealing with interest should not offer Iftaar parties and people too should not participate to save their fasts from getting spoiled.


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