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Union Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah Thursday said that Pakistan is testing the patience of our soldiers and one day it would be tough to hold Indian Army back.

“Let us tell Pakistan on face that we are not going to tolerate such attacks. We must get united to face the common foe and foil their ever attempt to disrupt peace in our region,” Farooq Abdullah told an Indian based news channel adding that there are rogue elements presents in Pakistan.

“In January two of our soldiers were killed by Pakistani Rangers. One of our soldiers was beheaded and till date Pakistan has not returned his head back. How long we are going to tolerate this. We want good relations with Pakistan but such kind of brutality on part of Pakistan must stop,” he said.

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Farooq Abdullah said that the meeting between the Premiers of both the countries must take place and during the meeting PM Manmohan Singh must be straight and tell Pak premier to stop all kinds of such attacks on our soldiers.

He further said that time will come when nation would not back dialogue process with Pakistan and would urge our soldiers to strike back. “How long our Nation and our soldiers could tolerate all this. Pakistan is testing the patience of our soldiers and one day it would be extremely difficult to hold our soldiers back,” senior Abdullah said.


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