Don’t want a separate homeland, only Muslims can protect us: KPs

KL Report


Stating that the proposal of the government of according a separate homeland to migrant Pandits in Kashmir will endanger their lives, Pandits living in valley said the walls of a separate homeland will create the walls of hatred instead of harmony.

According to local news agency KNS scores of Pandits including women of the community expressed resentment over the possible move of the government, saying a new ‘political conspiracy’ is being hatched to stir Kashmir’s communal harmony.

Talking to KNS, one of the Kashmiri Pandits namely Ajay Kumar Shukla said that Pandits in Kashmir valley face no security threat from Muslims and since past 20 years, no harm has been done to them by any person in valley. “We are here living with our Muslim brothers since the past more than 20 years. We are doing business here; our children go to school freely. What for is a separate homeland. The measure seems something that will only benefit the politicians of New Delhi and not the local Pandits,” he said.

Shukla added instead of proving sops to the migrant Pandits who are settled in various parts of the world, the GOI must provide relief to the Pandits who are living here since decades and didn’t leave valley at the onset of militancy. “There are Kashmiri Pandits living here like Mulsims do. There is no partial approach anywhere. If the government is really serious in mitigating sufferings of pandits here, it should provide some relief to the native Pandits and not the migrants who already are being provided assistance of all sorts,” Shukla said before police detained him for participating in the protest march.

Principal Lal Ded School, Professor Moti Lal said that Kashmiri Pandits need no separate place to live as they belong to the localities as other communities do.

Kumarji Wanchoo while participating in the JKLF protest march added that the some political parties in New Delhi are fishing in troubled waters and no separate land will do any good to Kashmiri Pandits.


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