Our Door Is Open For All To Shape Destiny Of State: Mufti


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Mufti Muhammad Sayeed (1)Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has said the PDP will go into the elections with a positive agenda that would usher in a new era of political stability, development and an assured space of dignity for our future generations.

“We have to leave behind the political bickerings and blame-games of the past and respond to the enormous problems facing people of the state with unity and wisdom”.

Mufti was speaking at a function organized to welcome political workers from Beerwah who joined the party on Saturday.

Mufti during his speech further said that the state is poised for a change for better and the coming Lok Sabha elections will be a trend setter for a positive turn of events in the state.

He said the doors of PDP are open for all sections of the people especially the youth, intellectuals and professionals  who will have a crucial role to play in shaping the destiny of the state.
Mufti said the days of emotive slogans are over, “we have to work systematically for addressing the problems of the state on political, psychological and development  fronts,” he said.

Mufti said any isolated effort at development will not succeed unless the political aspect is also addressed and concrete steps taken for resolution of the Kashmir problem. He said PDP had entered the political arena of the state with an agenda for peaceful resolution and dismantlement of the instruments of repression that had taken away basic rights of people.

The elections in 2002, he said, had resulted in a new process of reconciliation, resolution and reconstruction.

“But, unfortunately the process suffered because of the subsequent change in the government.”

Mufti said people especially the youth joining PDP in large numbers is a positive sign and generates hope about a bright future for the state. He said PDP on its track record of a brief stint in government and its role in opposition has made a mark across the state and people look up to it as a party that will bring them out of the uncertainty of the past and misgovernance and corruption of the present.

“Democracy is the best way to address aspirations to the people and to involve people in the governance”, he remarked but regretted that democracy was never allowed to flourish in this region.

“It was only after formation of PDP that an alternative  emerged in the state which provided a choice to the people without which the system could have remained hostage to a single option,” he added.


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