DPS Srinagar following eco-friendly way of life

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Delhi Public School, Srinagar has become the first of its kind institution in the whole valley to have implemented the innovative and advanced system to run entirely on electricity produced by solar energy.

The school has taken a big leap towards becoming eco-friendly system and setting an example for its students as well as other institutions by successfully establishing a grid connected solar power plant .This project was commissioned with the help of  JAKEDA (Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency).

Grid connected solar PV system is a new technology under which, if a grid connect system is capable of producing more power than its consumption requirements, the surplus is fed into the main power grid. The excess power served to the grid can be consumed by common users.. The entire school including its classes, laboratories, hostel and even the swimming pool will run on electricity produced by the solar power plant of the school.

School under its ‘Go Green’ initiative is taking various steps to reduce its carbon footprint in the environment and this is one big leap towards that.

DPS has always strived to make a difference in the society by taking up such innovative projects and takes pride in being the trend setter and setting bench marks in the fields of scientific innovations and development for other organizations in the valley emulate .Along with many other projects like “Save Water” “grow more plants” and garbage disposal students are also working on a project “Kashmir Garbage free”.


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