Dr Drabu calls for Celebrating JK’s Distinct Culture, Art



Minister of Finance, Labour and Employment and Culture, Dr Haseeb A Drabu Thursday asked the people to “celebrate JK’s distinct culture and art” that is the “hallmark of our society”.

Dr Drabu was speaking at the inaugural function of the two-day film festival which began at Tagore Hall here today, an official statement said this evening.

The Finance Minister while congratulating the organisers for holding “Kashmir Moving Images Festival” in the Valley stressed the need to make such events a regular feature.

“It is a proud moment for us that such an event is being organized in Kashmir that too by a group of youngsters,” said Dr Drabu. “This is what we need at present. We have glorious art, diversity, culture and we have to bring our next generation to a position where they feel proud of being part of this distinct culture,” he said.

The Finance Minister appreciated the selection of films for the festival. “The best thing about the festival is the selection of films from countries like those of Middle East that have similar culture like that of ours. This will go a long way in understanding the larger value of art like films and help us appreciate our own culture too,” said Dr Drabu.

Films from Iran, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan and other countries would be exhibited at the festival. Eminent film personalities like Madhur Bhandarkar, Rumi Jaffry, Saleh Salem and others are participating in the festival.

The Finance Minister said that films constitute a deep art worth experiencing and appreciating. “I hope next time more filmmakers come here and hold workshops with the audience. It would be a great learning experience for our youngsters,” the Finance Minister said.

He said that the core of government’s cultural policy is to provide platform and adequate infrastructure wherever it is needed. He said the art lovers and creative people can utilize that platform and understand the larger value of art and culture.


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