Dr Farooq Abdullah’s Latest: Shakes a Leg With Bollywood Actor



Dr Farooq Abdullah shaking legs with Ranveer Singh
Dr Farooq Abdullah shaking legs with Ranveer Singh

Flamboyant Farooq Abdullah is at it once again. After seen in number of videos recently—exchanging puns and hymning his heart out, the NC patron was Tuesday caught shaking legs with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh in New Delhi.

Dr Abdullah’s—whose love for singing and dancing is well known—latest blitz came at NDTV’s award ceremony where he joined Ranveer Singh on stage to dance with a “Bajirao Mastani” song. The act amused the audience.

“Rather than a politician I would love to be an actor,” Dr Farooq said.

“I think Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan would be in trouble if you took to acting,” Ranveer replied and evoked a laughter in the audience.


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