Dr Qasim appeals Muslims of J&K to understand the essence of Pakistan


Dr Muhammad Qasim, Ameer Muslim Deeni Mahaz who has been languishing in the jail from past two decades has appealed people of Jammu and Kashmir to understand the importance and place of Pakistan in context of Hindu history.

Flag of Pakistan

In a statement, Dr Muhammad Qasim has said that the integrity, development and strength of Pakistan is of utmost importance in checking the growth of Bharat Warsha and Arya Warsha in the sub-continent.

“The 5000 year old Hindu history, culture and Chanakiyan Political Idea of Mandala, which he has put forth in Arth Shastra, describe the policy of India’s relationship with its neighbours and the understanding of this policy in its correct realm helps one in fathoming the importance of Pakistan in the sub-continent.”

“ Pakistan has been created in the name of Islam in Hindu heartland and its constitution, through objective resolutions, has given Islam a constitutional and political supremacy in the country. It has been settled once for all that there will be no legislation in Pakistan that is repugnant to Quran and Sunnah. But the Rulers of Pakistan till date have failed to implement this constitution in Pakistan.”

He said that the anti-Islamic steps of the rulers and their tyranny cannot change the ideological and constitutional foundations of Pakistan.

Dr Qasim Faktoo

“Therefore those who call Pakistan a secular country seem to be ignorant about the ideology and constitution of Pakistan. The anti-Pakistan stance of people, no matter how much pious Muslims they are and no matter pro freedom they are, leaves them in the pro India Camp. Sheikh Abdullah is a glaring example of this fact.”

“To see Pakistan only from the prism of Kashmir Issue is a selfish approach. World is akin to this reality that Pakistan is the only stumbling block to the Indian ideological and military hegemony. Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan all have practically accepted Indian political supremacy.”

“We request the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir to understand the importance and place of Pakistan in context of Hindu history, culture and the deep seated hegemonic vision of Indian Rulers.”



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