Dropping Sher e Kashmir’s name from important landmarks a new low:  Muhammad Akbar Lone


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday decried the measure of dropping the name of Sher e Kashmir from SKICC, saying the move is reflective of contempt the present government nurtures for Kashmir’s true representative voices and their leadership.

While talking to press party’s senior leader and Member of Parliament Muhammad Akbar Lone said the name of important institutions in J&K christened after Sher e Kashmir had a concurrence and attestation from then duly elected legislature of the state. “Naming the important icons in J&k after Sher e Kashmir represented a collective will of people, who through their chosen representatives named important institutions and landmarks after Sheikh Sahib as a mark of acknowledgement of his struggle for the restoration of people’s rights,” he said.

Lone said such dimwitted coercive tactics cannot absolve us from striving towards protecting the interests of the people of J&K. “The move of dropping Sheikh sahibs name from important landmarks reveals the new low the present ruling dispensation is stooping to. Such steps can in no way belittle his immense contribution towards the sociopolitical emancipation of the people of Kashmir.  His contribution is inscribed on the hearts of each and every Kashmiri, who regardless of such moves will continue to draw inspiration from his life and struggle. People know who salvaged the generations of Kashmir from the shackles of feudalism and oligarchy,” he said.

While referring to the formation of new fronts and parties he said, “Whenever Delhi feels anxious about the true representative voices of J&k, it pulls the strings of its local glove-puppet here.  You see how much social media is abuzz about the whole phenomenon, the people are aghast at them.  The move hasn’t fared well with the people, who see these outfits as a continuation of DNC, PDP, and PC to install such regimes in Srinagar which parrot the view of New Delhi. The proximity of Apni party leaders with RSS, BJP makes it safe to say that it is Delhi’s party.”

He said the new amalgamation typifies opportunism and political waywardness. “The new political outfit boosts of schemers, political freelancers, and traditional flip-floppers. It is the same wily throng of people who pulled down the democratically elected government of Dr Farooq Sahib in 1983. It is the same handy throng of freelancing politicians who surface to give a ditch to peoples real aspirations,” he said.


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