Shaheen Rahim

Drug abuse is a psychiatric, psychological and social problem affecting the youth. It ruins the individual and the society in many ways which are social, physical, cultural, emotional­ and economical. Drug addiction is becoming one of the banes of modern society. It has almost hit all the regions and sections of society. It is found in rural and urban areas, among men and women, among rich and poor but it is most overwhelmingly practised by young boys and girls in school, colleges and hostels in almost every educational institutes.

“We have experiencing an alarming increase of drug addiction among youngsters. But what leads to drug abuse? The sheer pressure of studies on students might be one of the reasons of drug abuse. The educational system is nowadays becoming very competitive and lacks flexibility. Personal and family problems also lead to drug addiction among youths who failed to resist the ever growing family and personal problems,” Dr Majid, a psychiatrist, says.

“The adolescent age is often the cause of such unproductive activities. The friend circle which are into drugs in which he/she stays also influences his/her activities. These are some of the few common causes which has resulted in an increase of substance abuse among youngsters immensly,” Dr Majid says.

The addiction becomes so profound that the victim becomes slave to the drugs. If he/she doesn’t take the drugs regularly, he/she feels something missing and even greatly depressed with acute pain and numbness. If a drug addict is unable to get the required drugs at proper time he/she would be ready to do the wrong things,” he added.

One of the dangerous effects of drugs on adolescents is a gradual decrease in the ability to pay attention. “Substance use can cause emotional problems like anxiety, depression or mood swings. Either of these illnesses can result in death by suicide. High dose of anabolic steroids have harmful effects on an individual and it results in high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, liver damage, cancer, acne and infections including HIV/AIDS in both sexes,” says Dr Manzoor Ahmad Mir.

“Depending on how much the body takes in and produces each kind of drug, substances of abuse can affect virtually each one of the body’s organs. This includes permanent brain damage, heart attacks or stroke and of these can result in death,” Dr. Manzoor says.

The author is a student of MCMP, Government Women College, Srinagar.


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