Drug Addicts Taken to Task in Pampore



After reports emerged that the police have asked businessmen in South Kashmir’s Pampore town to shut their businesses before 7 PM, locals Thursday refuted such claim.

Bashir Ahmad, president Bazaar Committee Pampore told Kashmir Life that the locals and the businessmen had been requesting the local police to root out the drug mafia from the town.

“It had become nuisance. It was almost impossible for people to walk in the area because drug addicts would occupy streets and lanes in Pampore,” Bashir said, “It is in this connection that police raided a few shops. One such shop was sealed and its keys are with me.”

Giving further details, Bashir said, “There were complaints that drug addicts are frequenting two eateries in Pampore. There were complaints against a medical shop owner too that he is indulging in illegal activities. These two places had become nuisance for whole area.”

He said that it had become impossible for the local populace to live respectable life. “The nearby houses around these shops would close their main gates before 7 PM,” he said, “We demanded strict action against drug addicts and in which police have succeeded.”

Further Bashir said, “last Saturday night there was stone pelting in the area and youth fled and took shelter in a Gym centre. Police went and arrested one.”


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