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In an apparent measure to  cover up to recent spurious drug  scam, government issued a dictat asking its officials not to share any details with media likely to save some big fishes . Sources in the administration told KNS that Drug Controller of the State Suresh Gupta along with ADC Jammu Surinder Tiko arrived in Srinagar on Friday noon and straight way drove to the Dir. Health Services Kashmir officer where the officers had a marathon meeting that lasted more than 1 and a half hours. Sources privy to the developments told KNS that the Drug Controller later in the afternoon held another closed door meeting with his subordinates at Dy. Drug Controller office Srinagar, which was attended by Dy. Drug Controller Kashmir and other senior functionaries of the department. According to Sources, during the meeting, all the drug officers were strictly asked to keep away from media and do not share any kind of details with Press.

“The very first line of the minutes of the meeting asks officers not to share any kind of details with media.” A senior Jammu based officer of the department told KNS wishing not to be named.

The sources also revealed that the enquiry team sent to Himachal has got some important leads in the case that may cast shadow on the role of various other govt. functionaries. The team comprising of Assistant Drug Controller Younis Ahmad and Drug Inspector Sameer is understood to have made some shocking and surprising revelation in its report. If sources privy to the report are to be believed, the team has found during investigation that the owner of the under Scaner Sanative Pharma was absconding for last two years in connection with similar kind of charges in Rajasthan. “ The owner is wanted to Rajasthan Police for last two years on charges of supplying spurious drugs to the state causing death to many patients of the state.” The team is believed to have mentioned in the report, adding that the owner is wanted to Rajasthan Police under section 307 IPC.

Meanwhile Drug Controller Satish Gupta while expressing concern over what he said ‘selective targeting’ of media, told KNS that a section of media has been unfair to the department he leads. “It is our department that has exposed the scam, but it is unfortunate that some media men were demoralizing us.” Complained Gupta.

In the meantime, some reports suggest that feeling pressure , number of store keepers in major hospitals in the valley have been destroying the spurious medic in during nights. Drug department also reportedly took some samples in SMHS on Saturday . Officials of the department told KNS that various teams have been asked to take samples from various hospitals so that the quality of the drugs could be ascertained.

People have been ever since the expose of the scam cynical with use of the hospital supply medicines fearing their’ spurious’ preparation may cause harm to their health.


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