Syed Abdul Wahid, son of Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahudin Friday responded to the interview by former RAW chief, A S Dulat, aired live on India Today TV, and published in certain press, in which he has alleged that Wahid was selected in MBBS after his father (Salahuddin), sought this favor from the then NC government through some IB officer, is a distortion of true story, floated to malign the image of his father.

“The allegation is a distortion of true story, floated to malign the image of my father for his character assassination. Either Dulat is ill informed, or he has run out of his mind for he has mouthed total rubbish. Here are the facts that I want to put straight before the public,” he said in a statement to KNS.

“In the first place, it was not the selection, but the migration from Jammu to Srinagar which was facilitated by the government. And please know what were the compulsions for me to migrate to Srinagar? I was selected through CET for MBBS at rank 92 in year 2000 purely on the basis of merit, hard work and dedication (which can be checked from the CET records). I got admitted in Jammu College, and being from a family with militant background, I had security apprehensions at Jammu. My fears came true as I continued there for nearly 2 months, and I was frequented by men from ‘security or IB agencies’ sometimes carrying pistols too. On the pretext of security investigations, the threat and harassment continued to the extent that I was forced to abandon the classes and lab work. My family was worried, who approached BOPEE authorities for migration who pretended helplessness. Next, court said the migration was against rules. As a last resort, I decided to abdicate the hard earned seat, and attempt in CET again next year. However, my family approached the then government for help, which, sensing the political delicacy and scoring a point, did help me in migration in exchange of other Jammuite student. The order copy of which, signed by Chief Secretary lies with the principals of the two colleges, BOPEE chairperson and myself. Omar Abdullah himself has once acknowledged these facts on a news channel. The favor was done by the government because of security concerns,” he said.

“There is not even an iota of truth in these allegations that my father called on JK government for something like medical seat. Everybody knows his credentials. We are five siblings in total. Except my eldest brother (who is employed since pre-militancy time), none of us is in permanent job. Two are doing contractual jobs for over 10 years, including one as Rehbar-e-Zira’at with MSc in Agriculture. If Dulat thought that Syed Salahuddin could be lured in return of favors, then the story of our family would have been different, or we could have made fortunes in nineties. But my father’s steadfastness and sacrifices in the field and unflinching commitment to the cause is known to everyone. And Dulat must know that such unfounded statements cannot tarnish the image of my father,” he added.


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