Dusty roads could lead to severe ailments: Medical Experts

KL Report


Medical experts have warned that the dusty roads that have become a characteristic of Srinagar city and other districts could cause serious harm to the health of commuters who are regularly exposed to it. Due to catastrophic deluge all roads, mostly in Srinagar and South Kashmir, have become very dusty and polluted.

Former Director Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura Dr Abdul Hamid Zargar told CNS that dusty roads could cause many health problems. He said that the harmful effects could be of varying degrees. He stated that breathing problems, nose blocks, asthma, and even lung damage could occur when a person inhales a lot of dust. Dr Zargar said that silica particles, when breathed in, get deposited in the lungs and it would be impossible to take them out. “This deposition can cause swelling and lung damage,” he said.

President Doctors Association Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan told CNS that the air pollution levels in Srinagar city are already quite high and due to increased dust on the road, the pollution levels were reaching alarming levels. He said that the dust can cause skin allergies and irritations like dermatitis and eczema.

Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan warned commuters of the problems that could be caused by the eyes getting exposed to dust. He said that generally, dust in the eyes was cleared by the fine tears, but due to excessive dust, this becomes harder. This would result in infections and irritations in the eye, he said.

Meanwhile an ophthalmologist said that a lot of people in the city had been complaining of red eyes and blurred vision due to the presence of dust particles on road. He urged two wheelers to wear protective equipment for the eyes, so that the harmful effects can be avoided.


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