Earthquake: Baglihar Dam OK



The Dam: Excess water flowing down the baglihar dam.
Baglihar dam.

The Baglihar dam on Chenab near Chaderkote has survived the earthquake, reports said.

The dam is crucial piece of energy infrastructure that J&K governments owns and is key to the generation of 900-MW power. The dam is located not far away from the Muree thrust. It is designed to withstand an earthquake of 10 on rector scale.

Reports from Baglihar said the turbines are generating and were not stopped even as the tremors shook the mountains. “The machine is running smoothly,” a senior engineer from the power house said.

Both the stages of Baglihar with 450 MW capacity each are completed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is flying to formally dedicate the power house to the nation on November 7.

NHPC sources said the dams of Salal and Dul-Hasti are also safe.


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