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Reacting over the reports of survey that Pakistan administered Kashmir is leading in education sector, the Jammu and Kashmir government Wednesday remarked that it wishes everybody well especially the children living across Line of Control.

“I do not know when the surveys have shown that they (PAK) are performing better than us but I am too happy to know that some part of the erstwhile state has come in the news for a good reason,” Education Minister Naeem Akhtar told KNS.

However, he was quick to add that he is sure that the good news about the education sector will come from Jammu and Kashmir soon.

Over the reports that JK has figured among worst performing states in elementary education in India, the minister said that the government is not in competition with any particular area and that the children of the state will get a quality education.

“Given the size and reach of the government education system in JK, the sector could witness new horizons of success soon because teacher community here are coming forward to make it happen.”

Akhtar remarked further that the teachers would no more be seen on streets for their pending issues as the government has prioritized to restore their dignity and value in the society. “I believe that a majority of teachers are motivated enough to give their best.”

Pertinently, according to a latest round of the National Performance Survey conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), the percentage of students “able to listen, recognize words and read with comprehension in Jammu and Kashmir is lower than the national average.”

On the other hand, the ‘Pakistan District Education Rankings 2015’ report produced jointly by Alif Ailaan and Sustainable Development Policy Institute has revealed that Pakistan administered Kashmir is way ahead of national Pakistani average in Pakistan.

Under the Provincial and National Education Scores (Primary School), PaK has jumped to second position just behind the top ranked Islamabad. AJK has a score of 76.67 as against the Pakistani average of 70.33. All PAK districts have a high education score between 70 and 79.


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