Educational infrastructure: 260 students in 4 rooms; construction incomplete even after five years

Ishtiyak Magray


Notwithstanding the tall claims of the government of providing better infrastructure in the government schools, the construction of government high school building at Gagangir in Gund tehsil of Ganderbal district remained incomplete even after passing five years.

In 2013, the authorities started the construction work on a two-storey school building, after the school was upgraded in 2011 from middle to high school.

According to teachers posted in the educational institute, the construction work on the building was started in the year 2013 but the contractors carrying out the construction work abandoned it in the mid-way due to some unknown reasons.

A teacher wishing anonymity told Kashmir Life that even the first floor of the under-construction school building is incomplete.

“Even the first floor of the building is without windows, doors,” he said.

As the building stands incomplete, the teachers have to use makeshift classrooms for teaching. They have no option but to share the classrooms with students of other classes.

At present, the school has 260 students enrolled. The school authorities said since they do not have adequate space they have to accommodate multiple classes in a single room.

“The students do not get the attention they deserve as it is difficult to manage. We have only four small rooms for 260 students that means we have to accommodate more 60 students in one room,” said, a teacher, adding although the government-sanctioned new building for the school, the construction work was never completed.

Under-construction school in Ganderbal even after passing of five years (KL Image: Ishtiyak Magray)

The teacher said that the school administration had pleaded several times to the higher-ups in this regard but no concrete steps have been taken so far for the wellbeing of the students as well as the teachers is concerned.

Both the teaching staff and the students said that official apathy is forcing them to face tremendous hardships.

They said that the non-availability of the basic infrastructure is resulting in the hardships.

Headmaster, Ab Rashid told Kashmir Life that they are finding it difficult to accommodate more than 250 students in these small rooms. “How can we provide quality education in such situation,” Rashid added.

Locals while castigating the government said that Gaginger is one of the far-flung belts of Ganderbal district and has been left on the mercy of God by successive governments.

“Education department is putting the future of students at stake,” they said.

Chief Education Office Ganderbal, Mohammad Afzal told Kashmir life, that he has already taken up the matter with the high ups and assured that the construction of the building will be completed very soon.

“We have made the estimate of that and it will be completed in the upcoming academic session,” he said.



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