Srinagar: Chairperson of Dukhtarani-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Thursday said that in Islam, electing someone who challenges or changes or disagrees with the laws made by Almighty Allah SWT is polytheism (Shirk).

In this regard, she urged the Ulema and the Imaams of Masjids across Valley to deliver sermons during the Friday congregational prayers to make people aware about this sinister practice (elections).

“For Muslims, Allah SWT is the only law maker and only His law is valid and accepted. People who are elected to Indian parliament not only disrespect the rule of Allah SWT but also help make laws that are used to kill, maim, blind and oppress the Muslims in JK,” she said.

“This way, the practice of voting is not only a major sin but is an act of polytheism, which Allah SWT dislikes the most and never forgives,” she added.

Meanwhile, while terming JK as a police state, Andrabi said that it was unfortunate that cricket-playing kids were arrested in Ganderbal only for playing Pakistani anthem before the start of the game. “By arresting these kids, harassing their families and raids only expose how frustrated Indian government, its puppets and its forces have become,” she said.


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